WHO WE ARE: An independent, boutique record label specializing in alternative, artful pop.

WHAT WE DO: Make unexpected sonic awesomeness available for public consumption and commercial licensing.






Cutting edge tracks from the producers of 

Hot Geek Library have appeared on:

America's Next Top Model, The Ellen

Degeneres Show, The Bachelor, The 

Bachelorette, America's Got Talent, Dr. 90210, True Hollywood Stories, The NBA, ESPN, 

 Kitchen Confidential, Style Network, The Tyra Banks Show, E! Entertainment Television,

HGTV, MTV Road Rules, The Real World,

American Idol Rewind, The Food Network, etc. and on commercials for Lowes, Buick, Toyota, BMW, Samsung, QVC, Pantene, Suzuki, Kohls, etc.


Ranging in style from

alternative/indie rock to adult alternative to electro pop, these sonically rich, instrumental tracks represent an evocative spectrum of chaos, peace, innocence, playfulness, mystery and inspiration to amplify your progressive, commercial projects.

Hobo HelicopterHot Geek Library
The World is Becoming YouNadia Fay

Nadia describes her recent release "Spirit on Display" as"defiantly romantic". A highly skilled, multifaceted songwriter, Nadia's songs captivate with contradiction. They are are wise with simplicity, modern yet reminiscent, innocent and sensual and driven by dreaminess.


For over a decade, Nadia has been licensing her original songs for TV shows, films and commercials/promos including: CSI NY, Smallville, The Ghost Whisperer, Marley and Me, etc. and ads for QVC, Foxtel, KIA, Nine West, Coors Light, Lowes, Toyota, etc.


While most known for her honest songwriting and soulful singing, expect in the future to not only be experiencing new music but also her books, poetry, visual art, photography, philosophy, positivity, humor and general shenanigans.

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StarsGirls Love Shoes
AngelGirls Love Shoes

Playing by their own rules, electropop band Girls LoveShoes have made a name for  themselves in the TV show and commercial licensing world. With regular placements  like Pretty Little Liars, Vanderpump Rules, Entertainment Tonight, etc. and ads for  Pantene, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Buick,  Secret, etc., their original songs ride

 the line between commercial pop appeal 

and artful, indie cool. 

Quirky and spirited, the 

chuckle worthy band name came from a 

desire to name the band after a universal 

truth, and what could be more true than 

the fact that girls love shoes? Lyrically, 

Nadia Fay paints with self assuredness and sensuality. Sonically, GLS shimmers with synths, electric guitars and driving dance beats that make you move while you dream.  Although not currently performing, GLS plans to release new music soon! 

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MagicalGirls Love Shoes
Smile AgainNadia Fay
HelloNadia Fay
Marshmallow Out ManHot Geek Library
Sock of SeagullsHot Geek Library